Cuisinart Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster


Who will be the 1st !!!

I own this one. Its very effective. Browns both sides of the bread, even!

… A refurb toaster? lmao

Speaking of toast I think I will be going to make some!

With this toaster print scorch marks that look like AutoBot logos?

Doesn’t have the greatest reviews from Amazon.

Looks Like Woot is cleaning out Grandmas Basement this Wootoff lol. JMO is all lol.

Why did my brain say ‘case mod’ when I saw this?

I think I need coffee - LOL!

If only it was posted at 33.99 WOOT GOD, WHY HAS THOU FORSAKEN MEEEEEE?

How many refurbished toasters can there be out there…?

Everyone should buy this fantastic bread browning machine. It does the impossible job of taking a plain ordinary piece of bread and turns it into a gourmet slice of toast!

Buy it now!!!

Uhhhg… first that bluetooth headset now this toaster. woot really phoned this one in :frowning:

This is NOT suitable for drying underwear, bras or jockstraps. Just trust me on this one and save yourself from hours of grief. And warn your dorm mates.

I think you guys are missing the point: Woot! is selling this as a courtesy to anyone up in the AM on a Thursday. Next up: rubber duckies.

Fracking toasters…

I have this toaster and it works great. It looks great too.

Im only up on thursday morning, because im waiting for the bag of crap. lol

Howdy doodly do. How’s it going? I’m Talkie, Talkie Toaster, your chirpy breakfast companion. Talkie’s the name, toasting’s the game. Anyone like any toast?

They’re not so tough…

Have had 2 of this model over the years. First one died within 6 months and was replaced by Cuisinart. Second one still working (kinda). The lever that makes the toast go down fell out of one side so it’s now a 2 slice toaster in a four slice piece of counter real estate.

Mkaes good toast, though…