Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

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The reviews on Woot’s parent company are pretty ok.

Review at howstuffworks


does this actually include recipes? or does this require a special prepackaged mix? i’m sure i can just make my own mix, but i’m still curious

Mmmmm… YouTube Video on Making some

I think I am going to be in for one of these babies!

Some videos:




The old I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream defense. I am wise to your D.B. Cooper ways, woot.

Yet another video, this one’s from Cuisinart:

Maybe we can take one of these to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding reception. Make vegetarian ice cream.

Taking a chance! In for one!

Thanks Woot…but where was this 2 months ago when the weather STARTED getting hot? Coming in February: hot chocolate machine.

I can’t understand this guy. Is there a video in English?

Does this machine work with soy milk? I wonder what could be used to substitute for the cream.

The instruction booklet has vegan recipes! <3

For those among us skilled in the culinary arts… would this machine make a delicious product with artificial sweetener and reduced-fat milk substituted for sugar and regular milk or cream?

Yes it does, the first two recipes in the Instruction Manual (not the recipe bookelet, I haven’t looked at that yet), are vegan!


Frozen Yogurt Recipes

Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

I bought one of these a year and a half ago. It’s awesome! It comes with a whole booklet of recipes, and mixes in the ingredients for you. Only downside for the mix-ins is that they have to be small. So, don’t plan on using regular sized M&M’s, but the minis work. Also, the bowl in the top needs to be frozen for a pretty long amount of time before you can use it. The booklet says 12 hours, but it’s usually good after about 9. If you wanna make some really creamy, easy ice cream, just buy some vanilla at the store, throw it in with a little cream (I like Bailey’s Irish Cream for the flavor) and then whatever flavoring you want. I like the Bailey’s because it adds the flavor too. Btw, this price is much less than it cost me and probably well worth it, despite the Refurb.

For us lazy-butt “cooks” out there… anyone know if packaged ice cream mixes would work in this thing?