Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

FYI, the ice cream is REALLY soft. Won’t last long outside in the south…

Finally, I can make my own bacon-flavored ice cream!

Drat! Not the one I was hoping for…

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Is it hard to clean?

I believe you’re supposed to make it then freeze it again. Which sort of defeats the purpose.

If I had a bigger kitchen oh HELL yeah! But as it is…pass.

This actually looks like a fun gadget, but I’m hoping they bring back that mini Cuisinart food processor they had in the last woot-off!

It’s like I’m on a cruise ship all the time…just…without the ship…or anything other than the ice cream machine…


looks like the one

edit:curse you willb92 for beating me to it.

is everything refurbished today?



Very easy to clean!

Yes, I found it difficult to clean.

What the soft serve?

You’re thinking of their regular ice cream makers. This is soft serve, like the cones you get at McDonald’s, etc.

How come the Woot lights are flashing on this one? Is the Woot-off over???