Cuisinart Non-Stick Cast Iron Cookware

Non-stick, and cast iron cookware?

Isn’t that redundant, if you do it properly?

My Wagner and Griswold stuff is non-stick, and if I scratch it, I can fix it. My Lodge Woot! 12 inch skillets are now non-stick, but it took some work. (And, a 5 inch orbital sander I got at Woot! tools.) The rest of my extensive Lodge collection, (regrettably WITHOUT the “!” {or is that only an “i”?}on the bottom) is also non-stick.

Guys, you can’t do high-temp stuff in a “non-stick” pan, unless you built up the seasoning yourself, without hurting yourself and the ecology. (And, the economy.)

Teflon will break down, at about 450 degrees F. Soybean or corn oil on real cast iron will season at 450 degrees F.

You want to make that no-knead or ATK’s (America’s Test Kitchen) "almost no-knead bread, your Teflon will break down on you, as will any plastic handle not able to survive an hour at 500 degrees F.

One more thing, try fixing a scratched Teflon pan. Then, try fixing a scratched seasoned cast iron pan. You can only fix one.

(Oh, first post.)


You are SO absolutely right-on correct about the reality of this very nice but overrated cookware, I applaud your post!! Bravoooo!!

And thank you!

How about the ceramic coatings, or are they bad also?

You ever chipped a piece of Fine China? (Porcelain) Been able to fix it?

Me neither. My sister-in-law, who has friends with pottery kilns can, though.

Now, try this with a cast iron body, and a pottery covering, which both have a different expansion coefficient. (Means the iron and ceramic expand at different rates, at different temperatures.)

I can, (hypothetically) beat someone to death, with an old-fashioned cast iron skillet, and the skillet will be perfectly good. (Look up Madea, and grits-ball.)

'Nuff said! Try that with one of those fancy imported skillets.

Sorry Woot! Good is good, and imported isn’t!


The coating is really good to protect glass cooktops, otherwise unnecessary. And to look nice but that’s not a function, just a feature.

OK, with cast iron, all you want is GOOD cast iron. And, if it’d NOT made in the old USA, it’d NOT good cast iron. (Have you checked the other elements in Chinese cast iron? Like Cadmium, or lead? Wanna eat that? Me neither.

Yes, I can think of BUNCH of other metals incorporated in Chinese “cast iron.” Few of them are safe. Iron, carbon and silicon are. Look at what Lodge uses.