Cuisinart Oval Casserole, 7 Qt, Matte Grey

Cuisinart Oval Casserole, 7 Qt, Matte Grey

$57 at Mercari

How about the shipping fee?

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These are pieces of cookware that you have to beware of. I have a lot of cast iron and even my low quality pieces are over 20 years old and still function as new. That said, these pieces tend to be expensive, difficult to store, and not something you use daily. Years ago and in come cases even today people leave cast iron in their will, these are beyond lifetime pieces. My advice is make sure you get a color you like and have a place to store it because once you have it you are never getting rid of it, also cast iron cookware can be addictive.

I have this one in blue. I bought it here 4 and a half years ago and have used it hundreds of times. Made some delicious no-knead bread in it last night. Great pot for the value. It is huge though and heavy, especialy when full.

Edit: I noticed this is the oval. I have the round but still the 7qt. I’m sure it’s still great. Probably would be better for roasting a chicken. I can fit one in mine but it’s a squeeze if I have veggies in there too.

According to Amazon Q&A, Cuisinart makes these ceramic coated cast iron products in China.

I thought these were hand wrought by the cuisnhart monks in rural France…

Am I the only one who ordered the 7 qt oval, and got the 5 qt round? Just wondering, as it seems a strange mixup to me.

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