Cuisinart Portable Gas Grill

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4 stars from 26 Users (in Green)
Another Good review from Home Depot
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Anyone know if you can simply swap out the hose for a 20lb bottle connector? (Or better yet, a quick connect and attach it to the exterior accessory LP connection on my rv?)

The photo shows a black grill, but they make them in green, too. Is there a choice? I know, I know… it ain’t easy being green…

From an Amazon review of this product: “As with most portable grills, this runs on the small bottles of propane. That’s an ideal solution for portability and convenience, but not the best in terms of cost per use. You can also get a separate attachment to hook the grill to the more economical 20 pound tanks (it is not included with the grill, so I can’t speak to how well that works).”

I finally can see the need for a compact, well built grill like this Cuisinart when all you need to cook are a few hamburgers and 2 or 3 ears of corn…

Over the years I’ve graduated to my huge stainless steel grill with 4 grill burners, one back burner for the rotisserie and one side burner to heat up or cook a pot of beans. Great for a large party but a bit of overkill when cooking for myself and my wife. The Cuisinart compliments my “white elephant” very nicely, as my mileage with the big grill is not the best.

Black is what I got when they ran this deal end of July.

I bought an adapter at Lowe’s to use a 20lb bottle and works great.

Unit gets plenty hot and is a great size for small family or camping. Got rid of our full sized grill.

Amazon shows you can buy a connector hose to hook up a standard LP Tank

I have this grill in green. Had it for a little less than a year and paid a little bit more. Easy to adapt a 20lb tank fitting. Just buy the connection from the hardware store.

It performs flawlessly. Makes over 10lbs of BBQ chicken in short time. No hotspots. They sell tons of accessories for it on and shows no signs of rust even though it is outside the house in a screened patio. They even sell a stand but I use a portable kitchen island with a sheet of aluminum on top.

Good deal at this price.

I want this soooo bad but can’t afford it. Anybody want to buy me a birthday present? lol