Cuisinart Premium Wood Grill Set

Sell me a grill and I’m good to go!

I tried to grill wood once, but it tasted like ash.

ooh. Premium…


if (cheaperSomewhereElse($this)){
echo "They have these over at “.$store.” for ".$price;
} else {
echo “this is a pretty good deal”;

Cuisinart is a good name, I’ve seen these in Lowe’s for over $30… In for one!

Got one of these sets from woot a little while back and it works great. Very durable and high quality. This is a man’s grill set

But if these are made of wood…
And witches are made of wood…

Would they both weigh the same as a duck?

These are also handy in the shower. I’ve had back surgery, and a sponge strapped to the spatula hits all the right spots with little to no effort.

Wood grill set…I’d rather grill a nice juicy steak! PASS! :slight_smile:

Somebody get these grill accessories the hell away from me.

overstock has this set for $38.99 so i would say woot is kickin’ butt with their price on this one!

George Washington had a wood grill!

I would never buy something so practical and cheap.

I insist on spending 600 dollars so I can be a utensil snob…

Perfect timing. We’re finally getting our backyard landscaped and will be buying a grill in the next few weeks. I’m in for one.

I can’t believe we didn’t get to gripe and moan about those onion knives for very long. Continued here!

Good Choice, I have a set like this or I would be diving it too.

I bought this from Ace… its a fairly well made set.

if the brush doesn’t come apart for cleaning, it’s useless!