Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker

Wow, is there ANYTHING that isn’t refurbtarded on Woot these days?

I got one of these last year from our wedding. It’s a bit noisy, but it makes great ice cream…especially when you make the custardy “I know this will probably give me a heart attack because it’s made with about 10 egg yolks” kinds.

I would rather put $40 cash on a shelf for a year. At least I wouldn’t have wasted my money.

Oh I need one of these.

These gems don’t have chillers in them. You put the “Freezer bowl” in your freezer overnight, and then pour the ingredients in. The electric motor in this thing keeps everything stirred and scrapes the ice cream off the sides of the bowl as it hardens.

It works great, but in my experience, if it takes longer than “as little as 25 minutes”, the eutectic goo inside the freezer bowl will have all melted, and your ice cream will never get harder than a thick milkshake.

Key piece of advice: after you mix up the ingredients (especially if cooking was involved) put everything in the fridge to pre-chill it for a couple hours before putting it into the freezer bowl.

We have one of these and they rock. They definitely take a few minutes longer than the advertised time (if you like thicker ice cream), but it is delicious and damn simple.

What comes out depends on what goes in. A lot of the ice cream recipes seem to be custard-based, so if you take the time and make the custard, and chill it, our end product was pretty good.

If you have a kitchen aid stand mixer then you can buy a bowl and attachment for that.

Works the same way and saves space.

Own it, LOVE it!

Jamie Oliver says that commercial ice cream is made with beaver anal glands.
I have one of these- had it since last Christmas, and use it at least once a week. This is the BEST ice cream maker out there for triple the price!
We use it because we want to have control over what goes in our ice cream, organic milk, etc. And you can use low fat everything if you’re concerned about your weight.

Contact page isn’t working and I need warranty information on my Euro-pro Ninja Warrior handheld blender and food processor.


Oh man, I’m glad they have these today. I got a bigger, 4-qt, salt-required model and I suck at making ice cream. That, and I have to go to the store and buy a big ass bag of ice any time I want to make ice cream? Pfft, Alton Brown keeps his inner core in the freezer all the time so he can make ice cream whenever he feels like, and I’m going to do the same.

I bought this in the last Woot-off, and we tried it for the first time last week. The ice cream is good, and it is quick and easy, especially for clean up. Only one complaint: the blades don’t scrape the tub very closely, so there is a layer (about 3 mm thick) of frozen-on ice product that is not mixed well and gets wasted every time. Still, overall a good machine.

Beware. The frogurt may be cursed.

Anybody else remember a thing in the 60’s that was basically a giant mug with a liquid-filled inner sleeve? You froze the sleeve overnight, and then filled the mug with any liquid. My favorites were root beer or strawberry kool-aid. You’d stir and scrape the sides of the mug, and the liquid would freeze into a slushy snowcone like yumminess.

I wish I still had mine.

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Sounds nice, but is the 25 minutes it takes to make frozen stuff a loud churning noisy 25 minutes?

Have one of these and it makes great frozen yogurt and ice cream. Haven’t tried sorbet, but don’t see how it wouldn’t be great as well.

I haven’t been able to find good beaver anal gland ice cream since Ben & Jerry’s discontinued it. Doe Jamie name any brands?

Over 9,000?!?