Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System

I bought this coffee maker on woot about 2 years ago now and it still works perfectly! It has awesome features and I like it way more than the regular Kureig brewers out there.

Looks like a great price compared to the refurb listing on Also, it looks like it has an 80 oz water reservoir.

I bought one of these a couple years ago for my 75 year old Mom and she loves it. Super simple to operate, yet programmable if you want to tweak settings like water temp. I generally hate Keurig-produced coffee of any type, but with a good quality k-cup this unit makes coffee even I can enjoy (on the 4oz setting).

I bought one from Costco a few years ago and paid $135 for it. We loved it until we had to move and decided to drain the entire appliance before packing it. Note to everyone “DO NOT DRAIN” the water from the unit. Emptying the reservoir is fine but once there is water in the appliance itself, you should NEVER drain it. It never worked properly again. Thanks Woot for giving me a chance to buy another one.

I have had this Cuisinart keurig coffee maker for about 4 years. This is a great coffee maker at a great price. I had an earlier model that suffered from the now-famous Keurig pump issues, but my current model has been problem free over 3 years. I will echo that you don’t want to totally drain it, in fact I try to fill the reservoir before the blue light starts blinking.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this if you’re looking for a good, solid Keurig 1.0 model.

I hope my refurbed Cuisinart doesn’t have any dead pixels.

Got mine in the mail very quickly! I haven’t tried it with an actual K-cup but using the My K-cup option seems to produce extremely weak coffee and I prefer a medium blend anyway so that’s saying a lot. Hopefully when I get some K-cups from the store the results will be better.

I just received mine, and I think I received a non refurb’d, refurb. I tried to make a cup of coffee and no water came out initially. It would shut itself off as the cup started to pour. I unplugged it and then tried to brew a second cup and water spewed out from underneath the coffee maker. I’m trying to contact Cusinart on this now.