Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System

**Item: **Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System
Price: $91.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
Condition: Refurbished

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This model actually has a 12-oz setting as well.

And do yourself a favor – get the extended Square Trade warranty. There are tons of these out on the market and there is a reason why. I own one and about 3 months in the pump is having issues pulling water. The brewer otherwise would be fantastic if not for reliability issues.

AuraDave is correct - early models had pump problems. I had one that began having problems after a few months, then totally died after about a year. Cuisinart sent me a replacement, which I’ve had for about a year with (knock on wood) no issues at all. I’m very happy with it. Love the different brew sizes, as well as the “rinse” button, which I use after my daughter makes a flavored brew and I go back to my standard Newman’s Own.

Great price here, assuming that the refurb includes the pump fixes.

I have the newer model and my house was struck by lightening and the coffee maker went kaput. I called Cusinart and they graciously sent me another one to replace it! No questions asked. All they wanted was the serial number. It was over a year old!

I have both the Cuisinart Brewing System listed today and the Keurig B70 Platinum and I will have to say hands down the Cuisinart Brewing System is a lot better than the original Keurig. To the point we really don’t even use the B70 anymore. The Cuisinart has the Hot Water, Rinse, and Iced coffee options. Not to mention the storage compartment for your on coffee in the my K-cup. My Cuisinart can with a free my K-cup. If you order just check the side compartment.

Just my 2 cents. If I didn’t already have 2 I would order one for work.

I’ve had one (bought new) for a few years; no problems at all. It’s awesome, because I work at home, and keep this sucker on all day-- keeps my caffeine addiction in check. Never broke, and I guess I lucked out with no repair issues.

Only suggestion: Don’t kid yourself and think you’ll just use coffee grounds with the reusable filter all the time. I thought I would get off cheap, but I get the k-cups (way better in terms of variety).

Be careful! We have had one for about 2 years, pump issues and clogging issues started about 4 months into using the machine. Better off paying a little more for a Kuerig.

I’ve had mine for about 18 months now without any problems. I do always use filtered water as my tap water is very hard. I have no idea how well the rerfurbished ones will last. I knew of the device’s reputation for being hit or miss in terms of durability and paid extra to get it from a store with a liberal return policy.

We had one of these and it worked well for a while. Always used bottled water which extended the descaling needs a bit. However not long after its first descaling it just died. No power, panel blank, nothing. Of course it was just out of warranty so into the garbage it went. A note about descaling, you know it needs to be done when you don’t get a full cup and you can see water overflowing into the water tank. It took some serious work to get the scale out. I futzed around with the recommended proportions of vinegar and water, hardly changed a thing. In the end I filled it with 100% vinegar and that did the trick. Downside was I had to put through a multitude of tanks of water afterwards to get rid of the taste. You sort of get a clue when you pour milk into your coffee and it curdles!

I have had this exact model for almost 2 years and have not had any issues at all. My son and two of my girlfriends have Keurigs and all three have had to return theirs for replacements. Plus I like the styling of the Cuisinart better. I use filtered water and only change charcoal filter every six months since mine doesn’t get a lot of
use. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you purchase this.

I bought this for my wife almost 2 years ago. We have never had a problem with it. It was more expensive than the Keurig, but it seemed more solid with the top being metal rather than plastic.

Now maybe Woot! will sell the k-cups.

I’ve had this unit for almost three years and love it. I was a bit apprehensive with tales of failing pumps when I purchased it, but I have not had a single issue with it. I use it at least twice a day and love it. I use it with hard well water and always run it through a Brita pitcher first, but I haven’t even had to descale in all this time. Have I mentioned that I love this machine? I’ll buy the same one if it ever dies.

I’ve had this for around 3 years.
Here are the top three problems I’ve seen people discuss:

  1. Not pulling water from tank. I’ve never had this problem. Usually the siphon gets dry and you can pour some water into the hole or open it up and clean the intake filter.

2a) Pulls water, but doesn’t fill cup. Can be the solenoid: For some reason the solenoid is always “on” when the machine is plugged in. So if you never unplug it, it always has power applied until you brew something. It can get stuck (scale or rust?). If you unplug/replug it in you should hear a click. If you don’t it might be stuck. Try hitting the unit. :slight_smile: I always leave it unplugged now when not in use so it relaxes the spring.

2b) Also pulls water but does not fill cup. Could be the needles are clogged. The top needle has two slots you can clean out with a straightened paperclip pushed up until you feel springy resistance of the hose. This has just started to be an annoying problem for me.

I now have a daily procedure: Plug in, make coffee throughout morning, run a rinse cycle, and then unplug. That has gotten me through most of this with only occasional banging unplug/replugging it until I hear the click and sometimes paper clip cleaning.

I looked at replacing it, but all the Keurigs seem to have shoddy solenoids and similar problems, so I’m not sure if any would be better.

There was a blog I saw somewhere that mentioned he even created a hinged back door on theirs to replace the solenoid every so often, but that’s too much like work for me.

Other than that, it’s s great unit feature-wise.

3.5 Star Avg of 800+ Amazon reviews
3 Stars from Wally World Buyers

I’ve had this since Feb 2011. Let vinegar sit in the reservoir if you’re having pump issues. The Keurig at our office gets the same problems when it needs to be scaled. I’ve been much happier with this machine than the various regular Keurig ones that we’ve had in the office. This one is much sturdier and easier to use and has a huge reservoir. Also much more appealing to look at. It’s a huge machine though, so not made for a small counter footprint.

The Bad: I bought one of these awhile back and had nothing but trouble. Half the time it would just say “DeScale” and refuse to brew even if I went through the vinegar descale process the day before and checked the tubes for clogs. Many times it would brew half a cup or no cup at all. Search online for reviews from various sources and you’ll quickly find these are common problems with this model.

Drama: One day it just refused to turn on. Cuisinart was rather friendly and their warranty exchange was fairly painless but when my replacement unit started the same thing a few months later and eventually died I just threw the thing away. I bought a real keurig special edition new at the local grocery store on sale for about the same price and have been using that for about a year now without a problem.

The Good: The refillable cup that the cuisinart comes with is the annoying “real” keurig version where you have to swap out the whole chamber but it’s nice that they give you one and there is a convenient storage door on the side for it. The water reservoir is large and comes with a free filter so its a lot more convenient than “real” keurigs in that regard. The unit is also rather solid and accomodates a variety of cups and mugs.

Conclusion: This thing was great until it died. The replacement was great until it died too. Dont waste your money, it will die.

Brews a good cup. Had pump problems as well but ran a cleanse with vinegar solution and they resolved themselves. Handsome device on the countertop, too. The reservoir detaches for cleaning and has a removable water wand with filter packet.

I’ve owned this for at least two years. I love it. Two things: every once in a while it doesn’t pull the water from the tank as others have mentioned…just a bad siphon vacuum. Removing the water tank and then putting it back solves it. It happens maybe once over 3 months.

The other thing is that using the custom k-cup device will, by default, make a weak brew. I solver this by taking a used k-cup, cutting off the top, cleaning it, and putting it in the custom k-cup. It holds the water in the cup just long enough to brew a decent cup of coffee. You also want fine grind.