Cuisinart Small Appliances

The ATH-M50WH espresso maker is $65 at Walmart. NO DEAL!

Is the Cuisinart Elite Collection 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder Mini- CH-4DCFR the metal one or one of the plastic look a likes? Reviews at other sites seem like they changed construction at some point but kept the same model number.

Good question. I’ll see if our buyer can clarify.

I have this coffee maker and it is, by far, the best maker I’ve ever owned. Reliable, mess-free, easy to set. The thermal carafe is wonderful - I’ve come home from work after having brewed coffee in the morning and it’s still hot. And because the carafe seals, you can even take cooled-down coffee and warm it in the microwave without any significant flavor degradation.

I previously owned the grind-and-pour version, but swapped it for this one because of the internal mess created after each grind operation. Also, since the grind compartment wasn’t air-tight, if I programmed it the night before the beans wouldn’t be nearly as fresh n the morning.

Bottom line, if I didn’t already have this coffee maker I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

Anyone have any opinions about the stick blenders? I am trying to decide which one would be better.

We have both, gifts from family. It depends upon what your needs are. If you don’t need the wisk, get the other style. They work great, same as the Stainless steel toaster which we have since Costco carried them for $49.99 and they were $100 elsewhere. It’s still toasting away 7 years later. FYI The Cusinart products are much better than Kitchenaid. The latter has become below average products large or small including their large appliances.

I have the smart stick and believe me, it is amazing. I used it once, but my girlfriend used it a couple times with pretty much every attachment and it’s great. Well worth the price from a dude’s standpoint. And his girlfriend. The food chopper is even cooler than a Cuisinart actual food chopper. And stainless. OH, JUST GET IT AND IF YOU’RE DISAPPOINTED, YELL AT ME!!!

Buy the 4 slice toaster while you’re at it. I got one (and a two slice for my dearly departed Mom) and both are absolutely amazing. And with the above post deriding KitchenAid’s downslide, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality.