Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

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Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender
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Reviews from Overstock


I had this blender, bought new from some other retailer a year ago or so, and thought it was crap. I was so disappointed in this thing that I vowed never to buy any Cuisinart product again, because I hold a grudge like that.

I’ve had this exact hand blender for almost 10 years now. I Prefer this to a “bullet” due to the quick cleanup.

we make icecream shakes with strawberries and peaches, mudslides, and I make a mean peanut butter and spinach protein shake with it too.

I even use the whisk to whip the milk for my lattes. LOVE IT!!!

One caveat, you do need to have special cups to fit the blender into. Blender bottles and cheap (99c) clear 32oz cups work great.

I bought one of these new last year and love it. The hand blender makes quick work of avacados for guacamole (oh and for making shakes), and the small chopper makes quick work of ginger, garlic, onion, etc.

I used the whisk for the first time last week and made a huge mess. Clearly you need much deeper bowls :slight_smile:

Decent versatile blender.

Worse Alanis adaptation ever!!!
I couldn’t even sing to the chorus because you left out an entire verse!!

At least Cuisinart is finally being honest about what they do: hand mangling.

Is this the CSB-77 as shown in the video, because that one is going for over $100 on Amazon. If it isn’t, which model is it?

It appears to be the Factory Reconditioned (FR) version of the CSB-77.

I have one of these, and is about 4 years old, and it is now being used as a power whisk exclusively. The plastic gears in the chopper accessory sheared apart due too much play, and the power unit starts stinking to high heaven of fried electrics with the stick attachment on high for 1+ minutes of use.

I bought one of these the last time they were on sale, and I love it.

it slices!
it dices!
it makes julienne fries!

also a great immersion blender.
so many soups to be made

This unit is sold by many companies with many brand names. It is what I call “B-list” products that have little to do with the actual branded company.

I don’t see it in the images, but does this unit come with the plastic protective end cap to allow it be used in teflon pans without scratching the surface?

The unit I see at Costco does and I think that would be important to have for my intended use.

I don’t see any reference to it for this model on the internet or in the manual.

I also don’t see it at Costco.

I have one of these, and it’s great for blending soups in the pan, making milkshakes, blending eggs for omelets, etc.
Clean up is easy, as I just immerse it in hot sudsy water, run for a few seconds, and rinse.
I have not used the chopper attachment any (I have two different sized food processors for that) and the whisk DOES NEED to be in a deep bowl, held over the sink, with protective eye gear and hazmat outfit in place before turning on.

I got this the last time it was for sale. I paid 29.99 for it so todays sale is a marginal improvement from that price. I love mine. I JUST used it a few minutes ago to whisk some eggs for my breakfast. I haven’t tried the chopper attachment.

LOVE this! I bought mine on Woot – way back when there was only Woot and there was one thing a day!

I use it a lot, and it has never given me a problem.

It easily replaces a blender and a mixer for many cooking tasks.

Highly recommended!!!

I have had one of these for about 5 years and I love it. So quick and easy to clean. Its totally worth it.

Thank you. When I went to add it to my cart, I saw the model number.