Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender & Food Processor

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Poorly reviewed at Amazon – unusual for a Cuisinart product. Maybe the reliability issues have been fixed since this is a refurb?®-Blender-Processor/dp/B001BHECUA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1274331767&sr=8-1

EDIT: Actually, it looks like more than half of the poor reviews are due to how loud it is. For $40, a kitchen multitasker from a reliable name in kitchen electronics might be an OK deal. Who knows, maybe they’ve improved.

My dad is going to love this, with all that talk about keeping healthy, complaints about wearing dentures and all…


We got one of these as a wedding gift (8 years ago). We have a really small house so it works for us. The blender works well, but the processor is a small and a bit weak. Also the base for the food processor can’t get wet or it goes bad. I would recommend a full size food processor if you have space, but this is not a bad compromise for limited space or limited use.

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…and some reviews at Amazon

… but will it blėnd?

What exactly does the “food processor” button do? Just turn the blade or something else?

It, umm, spins. I’d wondered if it might do more, but that’s it. Good blender, sightly small but decent food processor, and the one I have is six years old, and doing just fine. If you’re blender-less, this is a good deal.

I hope this is as good as the price

How many watts? How much more power will this have compared to a $20 blender at walmart. I’m looking at just using it for a blender.

I actually used this blender when I broke my jaw and had my mouth wired shut. I made do, but a stronger blender definitely would have been better. It was not really adequate for liquefying foods more solid than vegetable soup. Also, the motor died about 90 days after I purchased it.

does ‘recertified’ mean refurb?

Here is what Wyse means when they say “recertified”:

Refurb can mean this or it can mean that they did a repair and it is as good as new. It depends on the manufacturer.

When dealing with either, look at the warranty and see if it as long as the original. Or perhaps as long as you would want it to be.

This is the biggest piece of junk we’ve ever owned. The plastic tabs on the food processor bowl broke off and Cuisinart did NOTHING about it except offer to sell us a new bowl.
Very loud all of those buttons mean nothing. It has one speed. The motor smelled like it was about to burn out after a few weeks. The Cuisinart name means NOTHING. This is trash, stay away, if it’s a refurb I’ll bet there are tons of them

Oh not true, it has 2 speeds! Blend which sounds like a lawn mower … and then there’s food processor, which is basically a 110v lawn mower plugged into a 220v socket. So, technically, it has 2 speeds, plus the ability to either stay on or pulse. I didn’t know the slicing attachment was reversable, so we ended up with shaved peppers, along with some interesting soupy water from the pulverizing of the blade. This is not a gentle processor, but at least does the job of getting food from the chute to the basin. For some strange reason, though, the chute’s “jammer” is shaped different on its 2 sides, so it only goes in 1 way. Think back to the movie “Apollo 13” trying to put a square filter into a round hole, and you’ll understand my confusion at this design decision.

I bought one a while ago and have had no problems with it. I haven’t even used the blender part, just the food processor. It works very well - the only downside is that since it’s small, you have to pre-cut things to more manageable sizes. Not a huge deal. I have no clue what people are talking about the loudness on. It’s not any louder than I’d expect a food processor to be, and not that bad to begin with.

To answer the “what is the food processor button”, that is the fastest speed button. Chop is slower than that and stir is slower than that. Haven’t used the Ice Chop feature yet.

To repeat, this item works GREAT for my usage, which is mostly chopping up a bunch of stuff for chilis, soups, etc. Cut up a whole celery, leek, onion, and some peppers or feed 'em in piecemeal to the processor? Latter is fine by me.

My wife wanted one of these and I missed it the last time out… Ended up getting one from another DOD site at the same price…

She loves the convenience of one appliance for multiple tasks, but the food processor is loud as hell!!! Really…

Blender makes nice smoothies for her, and is WAY quieter than the processor…

There are tons of them… They’re sold on woot, yugster, and a half dozen other DOD sites, not to mention at retail as well.

Cuisinart was well aware of the problems this unit had… The beauty of refurbs is that we can expect (hope?) that the problem has been addressed, and we are getting a “better than new” item…