Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender & Food Processor

want to get one but am afraid it’s going to be too loud

The product website.

And a manual.

I have this same model in red. It works well for both blending and processing. I highly recommend it at this price.

Not very good Amazon reviews, but you can’t beat the price!

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4.3 stars on average at Buzzillions.

I own one of these (from Costco, about five years ago) and it has served me and my kids very well. Highly recommended.

it’s missing about 11 cups of work-bowl capacity… :frowning:

•Reviewers say that frozen or hard foods, such as parmesan cheese, can bring the Cuisinart SmartPower’s blades to a halt. Reviewers say it works better as a blender than as a food processor.


I need a new blender, but not looking for this.


What the heck went wrong with that many blenders that they could have a big sale on the refurbs?

also - I have a full sized processor made by this same company - it’s just OK.

the whole all plastic idea is a little bit of a bummer. I like for my blender to be really thick glass.

Wife wants one, I had it bookmarked elsewhere for $7.00 more. Merry Christmas to her!

I bought one of these from woot back in 2005. It works great and I’m still using it. Buy three!

Can I do veggies for a nice shake?

Here is the discussion from Nov 17th when it was on the Woot-off (at the same price), I just got mine FedEx today - have not even taken it out of the box…

By the way, it’s my first blender (or processor) in ages - does anyone have a good site/book for recipes? Yes, drinks too!

So you get the adapter for food processing and for blending! Thats a fantastic deal!

glass makes it infinitely better than the cheap plastic ones

Woot beats the competition on refurbs again!

HSN video @youtube.

We just got this product from the last woot off and it seems to be a good deal thus far…for a blender/food processor for under $50.00 I think its worth it.