Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender & Food Processor

BOOOOOO on Woot!!!

They are selling this exact same thing at

for $29.99

shhhhhh. We’re supporting WOOT

Bah… only white left.

Does no one want white because you can’t wear it after Labor Day?

I bought the stainless-colored one for about $35 a while back. It works great, but it’s LOUD!

I have a pair of those mushy foam earplugs that I keep in a baggie with my name on it ('cause no one wants someone else’s earwax); I just put those in and go off to my own peaceful quiet place while communing with my blender.

Easy to use, to clean (both the moving parts and the surface). But didn’t we just see this for less, recently?

How has no one acknowledged this yet? XD