Cuisinart Stainless 6 Bottle Wine Cellar

aryanisfineto commented previously:

green eyes… are you a redhead too? That would make too much sense :expressionless:

My reply: Yes, I have long, red hair. Yes, I’m of Irish descent.

Them ain’t spiders, son. They’s scorpions.

Oh god, I am so drunk that I dont even want to think of alcohol.

But I had a great time celebrating my friends 24 B-day party.

This is a TERRIBLE deal! I just purchased a 16 bottle version of this less than a month ago for not much more and it was brand new. Same manufacturer.

A cellar from a seller for my counter?

How about a Bottle of Champagne???

Yesterday they had one that held 12 bottles. I didn’t want that one either. I prefer reds. They don’t need chilling.

Your name isn’t Stacy is it?

fyi - on Jan 26 there was a woot off for a 12 bottle refurb by same brand for only $10 more…but I don’t need either…woot on

According to Wootalyzer they haven’t sold a single one of these.

Drunken w00ting is par for the course…you’ll fit right in…


Oops, wrong computer, back to Redscot68.

No, and that’s the second time I’ve been asked. Am I missing something?

Oh god, I already spent like $90 for my friends B-day, which I am getting around $45 back which is nice. Maybe I can spend that on a BOC.

how can you tell - I’ve never figured out that graph - it’s showing “100” at the 3 hour mark

It’llfitrightinwithourbigass. YAY!

That will only cost you eight bucks. You can still take some of us to breakfast!

Nope, just jumped to a different computer and forgot I was on my wife’s login.

A left nut, apparently.

Buy three if you a rich alcholic who lives in a three story home. That way you can be assured that there is hooch on every floor.