Cuisinart Stainless 6 Bottle Wine Cellar

Hmmmmm, Shouldnt this be in


mmmmmm very nice. Goes well with the wine rack for sale on Thanks woot! Love it!

BAH! Wine Woot!

hmmmmm that’s not a BOC is it?

Description seems weird to this reader, whose name really is Janet.

Will my box of wine fit inside of the wine cellar?

It’s weird. The one time I actually have money to burn, I hop online, see its a couple minutes past 10, check out woot, see it’s a woot-off, and now, 6 hours later . . . . still can’t spend my monies.

This doubles as a roman candle holder.

God I can relate lol

Will this chill all my knives?

Is this compatible with vodka bottles? :slight_smile:

Does it keep bottles of Coke at the perfect serving temperature?

HAHAHA, and your headphones

double post, dang kuwaiti internet!

this may take a while guys! i have a hunch that the majority of this item’s buying demographic are sleeping soundly atm. i just might go to bed :(… why isn’t this on wine.woot?

woot off killer!

One finally sold. Thanks Wyoming!

This will keep my refreshments chilled while I’m scoping out my hot neighbor with my Monocular inside my vehicle.

DOH!!! I forgot to buy the Carplug converter!