Cuisinart Stainless Steel 200-Watt Hand Blender

I have this thing and I LOVE it. I make a lot of soup in the winter & can make a variety of “creamy” soups without using high calorie creams or other ingredients … just blend it up right in the pan on the stove. I have a recipe for Butternut Squash Soup with Spicy Italian Sausage…one of my favorites.

Anyone ever used one of these to crush ice for a daiquiri?

Blender in one hand, flashlight in the other.
I am now ready for Z-day.

Pretty nice for $20, even if it’s refurbed. The stainless steel and Cuisinart brand badd class. It’s comparable to the Kaloric hand blender set they had last year, which I love. It was new, had a milk frother, equipment stand and a larger blender container – but it didn’t look as nice as this Cuisinart. Regardless, I love these hand blenders and use them several times a week,

200W seems like a buttload of power for a hand blender.

I use my regular blender for that, but now that you mention it, I’m going to try my hand blender as an excuse to make daiquiris.

Last one then bed. Hopefully when I wake up there will be something nice.

I had one sent to Rep. Weiner as a gift. I am not suggesting that he blend his weiner but given the shape of the hand blender I think that, stuffed in his underwear, well, he may increase his twitter following by several orders of magnitude. Nobody has to know it was a hand blender and not an actual flesh-and-flood weiner. It’s not like anyone is going to check.

does this work well with avacados/onions?

But does it blend?

But what about for $30?

It’s possible, but not ideal and you’ll wear out the blades sooner. The key is to put the ice in water to soften the cubes. The water should just cover the cubes. Then bob the hand blender up and down, grazing the cubes each time, chopping off pieces of ice each time. When the ice gets soft and small enough, out the excess water and just chop away with the blender.

i got one of these for my mom and it is awesome. I hesitate to buy food prep stuff refurbished, but it is so good I am in for one.

Not at all. It’s middling. I’ve had models that were only 100 watts and I;ve used one that was 450 watts. While hand blending generally requires little power (unless you’re chopping ice), it’s not very powerful when you use the chopping attachment, making it a food processor, which are generally more than 400 watts.

I encourage everybody to buy three. One can never blend one’s hands enough.

Hehe … okay, I admit it – I’m sleep deprived. For some reason. I thought that this was $19.99. I guess $24.99 – or $29.99 including s/h still isn’t bad. It’s all about status, baby, and a real Cuisinart impresses the ladies (and classy g.ay men). Just make sure you peel off the REFURBED sticker!

quality post

I have one of these from amazon, it has broken twice. I wouldn’t buy it without a return policy.

Is this compatible with mac?

Have fun with that…but I would advise against it. Blending ice is the hardest thing to do with blades and these things have plastic gears which are prone to breaking.