Cuisinart Stainless Steel 200-Watt Hand Blender

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Cuisinart Stainless Steel 200-Watt Hand Blender
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I love mine. I bought it for more than that. They work very well.

This is actually a great blender. I got one for my wife as a gift, and she loves it. Retail was about $70 IIRC. The little chopper attachment works great for nuts, spices, etc.


I have a cheap plastic one that I paid about $30 for that is amazing! I can only imagine what a stainless steel one would be like! Sleek and purdy!!! and 200 watts!!!

Love mine. Works great for simple things like waffle batter, where you don’t want to stir and you don’t want big clean up. Great for gravy, too. just some flour into the drippings and bzzz with the stick.

This all makes me so dizzy…

Me too. Paid more than $50., use it every day. Smoothies, veggie chopping, blending- leave the base plugged in, change out the bowl.

The woot filters are getting ridiculous, and not in a funny way.

Love my Braun version of this. Cuisinart quality, especially in motors, has gone downhill lately. Hope this one is better, but check reviews. Oh, & if it’s defective, Cuisinart makes you pay to send it in for repair.

$41.71 New on amazon.

3.5/5 stars with 307 reviews

they must have a ton of these

I have this, and use it mainly for the mini food processor! Works great, and I don’t have to lug out the big one!

Ah phooey… I blew my allowance on the ice cream maker. So tempting…

THESE are a must have for anyone who makes protein shakes

Love using mine to blend soups right in the stock pot rather than transfering to the blender.

I bought one of these two wootoffs ago, and I love it :smiley:

My wife and I got one as a gift after the birth of our child, that was a year ago, we have used it about 4 times, works great, but mostly just takes up space. We did use it to make sugar plums last Christmas, so there is one thing it has been useful for.

LOVE MINE! Mini prep thing is great for nuts and chocolate. Actual mixer is fantastic for soups, just stick it right in the pot. I only ever used the whisk once though, went way to fast for what I needed, but I have a hand and stand mixer for cream, egg whites, and the like.