Cuisinart Stainless Steel Griddle & Panini Maker

I have one of these from Woot! It’s been great.

It actually saved me when my gas grill ran out of propane, allowing me to finish cooking the burgers. Good for panini-making as well.
Buy three!

What? Seriously?

Ah, an old friend!!!

Got one of those GR4’s when they were up last time - and it’s actually pretty nice for the money!

so tempting… sooo sooo tempting…

Have one at home. It’s great.

Have 2 - they work great for sandwiches or pancakes. You can also use the Panini mode to make french toast twice as fast.

I’v been up too long for this when a simple quote, “EVERYONE loves the smell of griddled meat” has me laughing too much

It sizzles! Bought this last go around and love it. Get the brushed as it insulates the top from heat, whereas the polished doesn’t. Beware, grilling flying monkeys will burn them and cause them to scream.

I can haz banana panini?

Oh. I saw “panini maker” and scoffed. It looks like an awesome griddle. If you’re into…griddling.

I got one of these a few weeks ago, the last time Woot had them on sale.

I made the most perfect paninis for 6 friends of mine. They were a huge hit. The grill is really easy to use and removable plates make cleanup a snap. I used to have a small George Foreman that didn’t have removable plates and I stopped using it. It’s really nice for quick cooking in these hot summer months when turning on the oven means raising the temperature in your house, so you want some alternative way to cook things. So far, I love mine! :slight_smile:

I used one of these to make a turkey, bacon, and provolone panini. Oh man!

Did I mention I’m starving?

Wow, this is a great deal. I picked one of these up at Costco for $80 and love the thing. It’s great for grilling up steaks in the winter, and it will hold more food than a George Foreman grill of the same price.

Great item. Bought it last go around as well and have since gone to nearly a pure sandwich diet.

Cuban Sandwiches, Rubeuns, Breakfast sandwiches (Bacon, Egg and Cheese on Cuban bread).

Fresh bread and this griddle make any sandwich great.

I did research looking to see if they sold a waffle griddle for it, but had no luck. Shame only thing I can think of that would have made it better.

No more g-4s - so sad.

How does it do with burgers? I am not a pannini eater. Well, not yet. I am feeling the urge of temptation nipping at my heels here.