Cuisinart Under Cabinet Organizers

Cuisinart Under Cabinet Organizers

Is the two-tier 14" wide unit really 11.8" wide? Sounds like a bit of a 12" unit, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I suspect it’s 13.8" wide. Too bad, because it would just fit at 11.8".

What are the interior dimensions [WxD] of the 17" unit? Thinking about using it as a pull out tray for a under desk paper shredder.

How far do these extend out from the cabinet? I have some similar ones but the organizer only comes about halfway out of the cabinet so you still have to crouch/dig to get to items in the back of it.

Sorry, Cuisinart doesn’t provide that info.

Hi there. Don’t have that information but here’s the manual that gives a drawing showing about half way.

How big of an opening for the 14 in pull out

Requires 15" or wider opening Dimensions: 20" x 13.8" x 5.1"

Here’s the manual:

14 inches clear of the cabinet, About 6 inches into cabinet but still can see contents very well. Love mine.

The 17" takes an opening 17.5" wide for install and use. I measured in accordance to WOOTS graphic showing 16.5". Guess what? Right you are! I was 0.35" too narrow for installation. I now have 4, 17" units to give away at Christmas time. SMH.

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