Let’s hear about your Cuisinart in the kitchen! (And, is a cookie press really worth getting?)

Brutal reviews on Amazon for the combo blender/food processor (CB-600FPPC4), think I’ll pass

I was thinking the same thing. The ratcheting ones are pains enough in the butt to set. Can’t imagine a battery operated is that much better. That and you’ll be cranking through batteries or burning out motors if the dough is too hard, which is guaranteed w/ a proper spritz.

I do not have the Cuisinart cookie press but I have a different brand that is just like it. I just can’t get the hang of the thing when it comes to pressing out cookies, they all stretch out or smear. I was never good with the old type either.

It does come in handy for decorating things though for people who have arthritis or other hand issues. You’re not squeezing a bag, you just push the button.

To save people the trouble of looking it up themselves:
A lot of people have bought the blender/food processor combo from Costco. A large number of customers say that:

  1. the machine is incredibly loud (like, get-me-some-earplugs-loud!), and
  2. The collar (i.e. the plastic housing where the blender screws into, and where the blade lives) often breaks after a few uses.

On face value, it seems like a useful gizmo, but I’ll save my money for something more high-quality.

The food processors go on sale at Macy’s a few times a year and they’re substantially less than woot’s prices. I believe I’ve seen the 11 cupper for around $100 (or less). I have the 7 cup model (not on woot) and my mom paid around $80 at a Macy’s sale. It’s pretty great and it’s gotten a lot of use. Our old roommates had the combo blender/processor. The sister of one of them gave it to them, because it had broken. It still worked, but I think you had to hold the lid of the processor on there, because the mechanism that locked it on had broken. The plastic on it was really cheap. I’d probably stay away from that one.

The grill centro is easily the most epic piece of awesomeness in my kitchen. It makes the best hot dogs/kabobs. The grill top works wonders too. Great if you want to make a steak without breaking out the grill and Jr. wants a hot dog. Cleanup is easy.

I paid a lot more for this when it first came out. Have had it a little over a year and use it several times a month. I have no complaints.

Professional baker here. We use cuisinart food processors for a buncha reasons that aren’t relevant and I’ll just skip going into.

I honestly can’t praise the cuisinart food processors. In the three years I’ve been at this job we’ve gone through 4 separate machines. Granted they do see daily use, but they are cleaned and cared for very diligently and delicately.

The pieces that tell the machine that you have it on right and the lid is locked and it’s okay to blend are always the first to break. Our newest machine we’ve had for maybe 4 months and we already have to push firmly on the lid to get the machine to run.

Their customer support is also very hard to deal with. It’s difficult to get to someone who actually knows anything about the machines, and even then it’s not a guarantee that they’ll be able to solve your issue and/or figure out exactly what part you need.

Maybe if you’re going to use it every now and then it’ll be alright… which might be the case with a lot of folks here! But if you’re going to use the machine regularly I’d recommend skipping cuisinart.

It’s a practical product available for ours kitchens. It will do a lot of help.

Hmm. As much as I’d love to have a food processor, I think I’ll wait.

I’ve had my Cuisinart since the mid 70’s, and it’s still going strong. A real workhorse.
As for the cookie press, not for me, I’m not much of a baker. Once in a while a batch of scones from a StickyFingers mix.

I second the Macy sale, I picked up the 11cup food processor last time they had it on sale for 99 and have been very happy. I’m a chef and end up using that the most.

We use both Cuisinart and Kitchenaid food processors at the Restaurant and have been happy with both. The kitchenaid gets a little more use but both motors last as long (we have the 14 cup models) We recently snagged a pink kitchenaid food processor for $139 on clearance from a cooking company all the other models were $200 (yay pink!)

They take daily abuse with chopping hazelnuts, chocolate, tomatoes, whipping creamcheese/sourcream dip, ect…

We have that exact blender and use it 3-5x/week for smoothies.

It’s awesome.

Quieter than many, but not what I’d call QUIET, but hey - it’s a blender. It does a good job of keeping things moving, and the preset ‘smoothie’ cycle works pretty darned well.

Any mention of dishwasher-compatibility with the cookie press? I know my big hands won’t be able to get in and clean that tube, and my lazy hands aren’t going to be up for cleaning the plates or nozzles.

Why can’t you get a solid juicer attachment for food processors like in Europe?

But I want to know why you hate the Robot Coupe.