Culinare 4 Piece Kitchen Accessory Kit

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Culinare 4 Piece Kitchen Accessory Kit
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Man…these should really fly off the shelf…

That pizza cutter looks like a real joy to clean. How long before the casing is filled with toppings? Four or five swipes?

I was wondering the same thing.

Hmmm. Cullinary tweezers???

Looks like it opens up to clean.I prefer my old plastic rocker cutter, alot easyer to use and clean.

Finally! All my life I’ve waited for a Woot write-up that included the term “de-eying.”

STRAWBERRY HULLER?? What the hull?

Can also be used as a “fish boning tool”, or to pick the long black hair out of the casserole before serving.

YES! Hahaha!!

Fish boning? Isn’t that illegal in most countries?

I don’t mind the long black hairs in the casserole nearly as much as the short black ones.

At first I thought these were Wii controllers. Maybe Gordon Ramsay’s got a new game.

I give up. I’m not proud. In for one. Next?


In for 1. The wife better like this.

Save you $8, as well as a trip to Good Will to donate these to charity. You won’t use them.

My relationship with a woman years ago didn’t last, but her advice about kitchen gadgets has remained. Always ask, “Is it hard to clean?”

Ahh Woot-Offs, It’s felt like there has been something missing from my life lately.