CULT Wines Napa Valley Mix (5)

CULT Wines Napa Valley Mix 5-Pack
$77.99 $140.00 44% off List Price
CULT Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
2013 CULT Blanc, Napa Valley
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No vintage on the Cab Sauv?

Apparently non-vintage according to the reviews.

If only they had spelled integrated correctly in the quote. :frowning:

I might still pull the handle. Debating.

Whew, the typo wasn’t on our site. Although I did hunt for it for quite a while.

Need moar caffiene?

I’m sipping at my Diet Coke! And typos are often on our site. :tongue:

Seems rather pricey for some average every day wines.

Any idea what vintages were used to produce the red?

The term “hand crafted wines” is about as meaningless as home made apple pie at Denny’s. Correct me if I am in error, but all wine is hand crafted. Great wines as well as crap wines.

I tried the CULT Cabernet Sauvignon about a year ago. I picked it up at Total Wine, and it was a non-vintage bottling.

I paid $25 and was pretty disappointed.

If this were a new vintage I might have been inclined to give it another shot with this offering but…