*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Yay Annette !!! I love Nut and Bee!!! Grats on the prints and ABOUT DAMN TIME ON THE KID SIZES WOOT!

cuuuuuuuute… but can a 26 yr old man really pull this off? i don’t think i can.

come on woot? now you’re doing kids sizes?
just keep saving me money woot

Yea for kids’ sizes. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw it, “I know kid who would love this!”

i like dinosaurs. a lot. (seriously, i was this close to pursuing a career in paleontology)

but i don’t like cupcakes. or gratuitous cuteness.

this one is another pass for me.

the children’s sizes displease me, as they seem to indicate an intentional preponderance of childish, “cutesy” designs.

Let’s see a show of hands. Who’s online right now shopping for a small child?

Thank god, though. I was beginning to think I’d be giving you guys money sometime soon.

This is historically inaccurate.

Dinosaurs never ate cupcakes.

I love it. It combines two of my favorite things - dinosaurs and cupcakes!

would I be a homo if i wore this around campus?

This is the most random shirt ever, but I kind of dig it.

I have to get a female friend of mine a gift for a secret santa thing.

I think she’d love this.

Great shirt to have while rolling out the kid’s sizes.

No. Never.

$10 more toward a snowblower.

I haven’t found a woot shirt worth buying lately. But I love cupcakes and dinosaurs and especially cupcakes being held by dinosaurs!

In for one.

Oh goodie. Kids sizes are a LOT more sensible than a women’s 2X or something like that.


and yay for kids sizes!

its cute, not for me though, its too greeen…

Yay for kid’s sizes! Now I can buy the likely-to-be-printed bunny shirt in the double take for my newphew’s birthday. Aw, heck, I might have to buy one for me just so we can match when we hang out :slight_smile: