Curb Stop Valve Key Wrench, 5/8" x 36"

Curb Stop Valve Key Wrench, 5/8" x 36"

The title says “Curb Stop Valve Key Wrench, 5/8” x 36” - but in another WOOT fumble the description says:
“This key is used to turn off water mains and other valves that are hard to reach. 60” inches (5 foot) length.”

So is it 3 feet or 5 feet? 36 inch or 60"? If you live in the midwest your valve will be at least 36" below grade so this will be useless at 36" length because since it is all welded construction you cannot add an extension (like the one I got from Ridgid Tools). TooBad

It must be 36".

Just looking at the photos, the rod material would be over an inch thick if it was 60", also googling the product name Amazon and a few other sources indicates that this model number is 36" long.

Hopefully Woot will update their description:


Why is this listed in Automotive? It’s for the water meter valve - to turn off/on water to the house. Not all valves are part of a car.

Hello all! I’ve sent a note to the tools team to update this. Thank you!

Update: It’s a 36" tool.