Mars looks tickled. Which, of course, someone said in the derby thread, but it’s true enough to bear repeating.


Wish this had come out back in July. I was up at the JPL open house watching the rover play in the test sandbox. Yeah NASA!


Excellent choice, Drakxx! And congrats to fishbiscuit on the print. Mars is a much better destination than an asteroid. :slight_smile:
Whataworld, I am so glad you got to go to JPL. It is such a cool place.




Curiosity has biceps of which a t-rex could only dream! He seems so happy in his victorious landing.

Congratulations on the print, fishbiscuit! I have a friend who works at JPL and I’m looking forward to her reaction when she sees this.


The write-up does explain the anomalous shadow on one of the early Curiosity pictures.


Because Curiosity also refers to the name of the Mars rover. Now I get it.


In for one for my lil daughter!

This is cute but something was bugging me about it the whole time the derby ran… just figured it out. I think I want Curiosity to be the Character on this shirt instead of Mars. Oh well, still love it.


No, this is not the bacon one. Hooray!


I got to say, shirtwoot!, that I have not been to your site in quite a few months. Site looks good, when did that happen? Don’t get me wrong, what with email, facebooks, and the great, I don’t really need to stop by anymore, do I? Unless I want a shirt that is… This shirt is the first that made me click your link in a long time. So Go Mars! Coincidentally, I am a fan of the page ‘I f*cking love science’ and I guess science is now more thing.


Also, great writeup! Or whatever you call them.


Congratulations are in order! Congratulations on the print fishbiscuit! Happy to see this one print, unfortunately, I don’t have the money to buy one right now, but I promise I will (buy one) soon!


Love the shirt but what the hell did I just read… =S




Cute shirt.

Disturbing write up. Like a mashup of Event Horizon and Dead Space. Shudder



Dear woot writers,
I don’t want to go to Mars anymore and probably won’t sleep ever again.
FB <3

Thank you so much to Drakxxx for making this his pick. I’m flattered to be chosen by an artist of his caliber. Super excited for this print and can’t wait to wear it!


Yeeeeees, I am so excited! I don’t even care that it wasn’t the bacon one, although I really don’t understand what so many people have against the idea of merging bacon with planetary exploration.

Can’t wait until payday so I can get one!


Congrats Fishbiscuit!! Mars seems to be pretty happy… Let’s see what happen if Curiosity finds petroleum!!