Dr. Who
The White Rabbit

Did i miss anyone?

Dr. Portal in Wonderland? What?

Is Alice sucking her fingers?

I wonder why Neo isn’t there. Perhaps because Bill and Ted are as well.

Beat me to it.

Guess I’ll go with Marty, then.

Awww, this is really cute. I really like the way all the characters are drawn and the textures that are used. Gah, I’ve bought too many shirts recently. Ponders.

Okay, I could imagine Dr. Who and Alice in Wonderland somehow running into one another in time, but I never expected to see Bill & Ted rearing their '80s heads and leaning to the side to let in Chell portal on through!

Too many travelers in the time-space continuum!

All we really needed was Q here to complete the absurdity.

Who is Chelle? Assuming a Dr Who character but I’ve never watched show, so… Thanks!

It’s at times like these that I always say, ‘BWAAAAAHHHHHH’.

She’s the main character in the video game Portal. Kind of a cultural icon for video games in general.

I think she’s covering her mouth, shocked at the situation.

Chell is the player character from the Portal game series.

What was that about a goth sex symbol? Can’t have too many of those, silly Woot.

Is it just me, or when you click on the image to enlarge it isn’t showing the right design?

Edit: Nvm, they fixed it.

That rabbit “hole” looks like some other kind of dark canal…
Love all the different characters though!

Cool - Thanks!

It’s actually spelled Chell, and she is the playable character in the game Portal.

I bet all the falling is Chell’s fault. Undoubtedly they are falling over and over again from one portal to the next.

Wait, that’s the candelabra and the clock from Beauty and The Beast, right?