Curl Regular Strength Hold Creme

Curl Regular Strength Hold Creme

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It’s currently $11.64 on Amazon!? Whaa?


Woot is comparing it to this one. (Based on the URL from the reviews.)

It’s $12.90 + $10.07 shipping.

@ThunderThighs - I found the cheaper one.

Whatchall know about S Curl? I feel like this offering has to be in line with Coming to America. Well, at least the Soul Glow part :grin:

I see that as $10.99

The $11.64 is Extra Strength -ème-Strength/dp/B01ELBL1XI


Woot is selling Regular Strength.

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I was clarifying for benastar2, not correcting you :+1:t2:


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Thank you both. I’ve sold it out until our team can look at it.