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How about bringing on some accessories? Like spare batteries for these bikes?


amazon has them


True, but not at 41% off that I’ve seen more like list price…

But Amazon is harder to see when they have stuff on sale then woot. [not that all woot prices are incredible, but most all, sorta the deal with woot].

Of course woot=amazon now, so I guess I could just order there when I need something.


you mean AKA woot? ROFL. jk. kind of.


Would love to see just the conversion kits here one day to convert a bike I already own. :wink:

The 1000w 48v kits look pretty awesome and increase the speed quite a bit.


On Amazon, add an item to your cart, then go to your cart and choose to “Save for later”. Then, whenever you view your cart, Amazon will tell you if that product’s price has changed and how much it has been changed to. Ta-da! Easy price/sale check.


Check out, they are the cadillac of conversion kits. :slight_smile:


So, has anyone owned one that would want to provide their own opinion?


Or just use to set a price alert. They’ll send you an e-mail or twitter message when it gets down to the price you want.


Price of the powered bikes here is good compared to everybody else… that’s for sure.

I almost pulled the trigger on the $500 model but it only has 250Watts - for my terrain I it’d be much better to have at least 500W.

This is one field that is growing - if you don’t mind waiting prices for the higher powered models will drop in about a yr.

In the meantime the link that someone posted earlier as the cadillac of bike engines can indeed convert your bike, with plenty of videos of folks that have done so and a very powerful kit at around $600 but be forewarned unlike this woot, those kits gas engine-powered.


Isn’t it illegal to ride your bike/scooter on the sidewalk? Especially a motorized one! Anyone else remember that episode of The Andy Griffith Show where the naughty kid knocks over an old lady with groceries after being told by Sheriff Andy not to ride his bike on the sidewalk? It wasn’t motorized though.

There’s a 13 year old kid with an electric scooter in my neighborhood, it looks like he has a lot of fun on it. He’s a good boy and rides on the street. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know what, if any, assembly these require(specifically the eZip Trailz diamond-frame model)?

EDIT: Nevermind, it appears they do require some assembly:


I have the diamond frame Trailz model already and just bought the lostep version for my wife. We’ve really enjoyed it, works well get’s me to work and back without much of a sweat (I use pedel assist). Work is 5 miles over hilly terrain (or at least what passes for it in Kansas, but 200 ft of elevation in 5 miles ain’t exactly nothing. Especially since 100ft of that is in 0.5 miles…

Haven’t had any problems so far (owned since October, bought on Amazon). Goes about 12 miles / hour with a load of 300lbs without peddaling. [yeah I’m ignoring the weight limit, no comments from the peanut gallery!].

I usually pedal to get it up to 18mph where the motor kicks off.


My experience has been more or less, the opposite of this. I’ve followed all the battery precautions and mine -barely- makes it through 7 miles of hilly terrain, and that’s with constant pedaling. The bike works as advertised, but only for a few miles. Aside from the bike being quite heavy (nearly 90 lbs with the battery) the motor itself gives a lot of rolling resistance when not in use and sometimes even when it is in use. It has a couple of little fun quirks like not responding to throttle input after being stopped for maybe 90 seconds or seizing up, both of which have stranded me in traffic a couple times.

As much as I liked it when I first got it a month ago, I really can’t recommend it.


Over at wally world. 299 w/ $00.97 shipping.


What items?

It’s not the Ezip Trailz bikes


I ordered the lady frame on Monday for my birthday present to myself (which is tomorrow) and it’s already sitting in my living room. Huzzah. Not bad for $5 shipping. Now if only the snow will stop…


52 Lbs. net and if that doesn’t include the battery, its 15 lbs., not the 90 Lbs. you claim.

The motor is on a freewheel and does not add resistance.

If its cutting out, you probably need to charge it. I doubt if anything mechanical “seized-up”.