Currie Tech eZip Skyline eBike



Is a men’s available?


Good reviews on Amazon - 4 star average. Looks like this is quite a lot of savings. Wish the weather was good enough to use a bike now.


This is a men’s bike design.


Where is the picture of Al Gore riding this?


I think this is a men’s …isn’t it? (Wish it was a woman’s bike :slight_smile:


It can be for men or women. I would be more concerned about the size.


battery life listed as 500 cycles. New lithium battery cost over $300.


This is a great deal if the battery is new. If this has been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for 3 years and the battery is old, it could have significantly reduced capacity and make this not such a good deal.


I would only be buying three cycles at most so the battery should be more than enough.


Compared to european electrical bicycles this one is very weak. European models get 50 miles when used on its own, using electrical assistance they even go further.
The engine itself is also integrated in the hub and not attached to the rear wheel.
These bikes are substandard.


No, actually this is the men’s model. There is a women’s model as well and can be viewed here,|13541991&CPNG=Sports&ci_src=10043468&ci_sku=13541991&szredirectid=13609374811560736878910050302008005


If you want to compare it to a little bit better system, with much higher quality batteries, go here:

BUT, for the price, I think this one is a good deal, and a cheaper way to explore if you like having an electric bike.


Currie Tech eZip EZ-SKY-SL Skyline Diamond Frame eBike, Silver - Price Comparisons

Today’s WOOT! = $549.99 + $5 Shipping ($554.99 Total Shipped)
WOOT! (today) is a huge $241.70 Less than next best price found!

Amazon = $796.69 + Ships Free - $801.69 + Free 2 Day Shipping

Northern Tool = $799.00 + $101.15 (est) Shipping. shipping will vary depending on location. Above shipping calculated shipping to eastern NC)

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Me too. I’m short. Really short. I need a small frame. What’s the height from seat top to ground? Anyone? toddling off to see if it’s published anywhere


250W = roughly 1/3 HP. (1 HP = 746W).

According to my exercise bike’s electronics I can sustain 190W for a half-hour and peak at 260W, or I could the last time I rode it…




The whole “men’s bike/women’s bike” concern is a relic.

100 years (or more) ago, frames used to be constructed differently to accommodate a woman’s dress when she rode a bicycle. More recently (like, 30 years ago, say) bike frames were still being made that way pretty much as a nod to the past–kinda like those trunk lids on cars in the early 80’s that still had a bump for the spare tire, which wasn’t actually there.

Currently, most half-way serious bikes are constructed as “diamond frames” (or “men’s” frames, if you insist) because of their superior strength.

Unless you’re an Amish woman or have other cause to wear a dress on a bike, you needn’t worry what gender it is. Anyone who thinks “Look at that woman riding that men’s bike!” is probably irrelevant.


@ 52# you wont NOT be using the electric motor any time soon…

unless your using Lance’s secret weapons!


Basic Dimensions are on the Currie site.