Cursive writing...dying art.


All of these shirts that point out cursive is a dying art just makes me so sad. :cry:

Yes, I AM old, I know…but I have always loved cursive writing. I think if I had young kids, I would still teach them cursive. There will be so much older documentation that will be impossible to read.

Also…if you don’t know cursive, how the hell do you sign your name???


So that’s why no one signs the backs of their credit cards anymore!


Very messily.

I tried to teach a teenager how to write cursive. I started with Palmer method lower case letters. She worked on the “a” until she got it correct once, then wanted to go to “b” and I told her that she couldn’t go to “b” until she could write the “a” correctly many times in a row. Apparently, that is not the way things are done. If you get it right once, why keep writing it? :disappointed:

But I bet they sign the back of their lottery tickets. :moneybag:


Our school district in Virginia used the D’Nealian font to teach printing because it transitions easily to cursive. Each letter has a “monkey tail” (as the Pre-K to 2 teachers called them), making it simple to connect the letters for cursive.


Except for ‘s’, which is tail-less and written completely differently.


and z and r, but no one is perfect


Signing the electronic pads at the POS terminals is pointless anyway, there’s absolutely no way that could be correlated with an actual signature. They’re blank when trying to scribble on them. Just put an ‘X’ in the box, wouldn’t matter.


My kids, ages 28 to 14, all learned cursive in their grade school years. I am grateful especially because neuro-developmental research shows it is good for the developing brain, as well as drawing, doodling, etc. There is some hope, people! At my son’s school a group of students started a calligraphy club. It will hopefully be preserved in such clubs the same way the great language Latin has been.


I would have loved that as a kid!


Me too!


My 22 year old son can’t ready the Christmas tags if they are in cursive… SAD! :pensive: