Curtis 24" 1080p LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player

I would like to know what Brian did to the woot monkey to deserve that whiteboard dedication…


I feel as if Woot has just stabbed me in the back with a set of Shun Kaji Fusion Knives.

Brian is a Jerk face

Nothing says quality like Qurtis

i think woot-offs are going downhill. I haven’t seen much good on the past two of them. Just all the leftover crap they can’t get rid of.

Lies, I am not a jerkface

I want a monkey with mad whiteboard skills.

Kind of like your signature :wink:

brian took the last banana!

Oh, and it’s refurbished.

That’s what she said.

maybe Brian Shocked The Monkey?

Nothing says quality like an 800:1 contrast ratio!

I like how the little blocks say “die”.

No blu-ray, then this is garbage… Lol bring on the carp

Brian really is a jerkface.

I dig it. Although I’m still waiting for that “perfect” item.

Curtis is a jerkface.

I would have bought this but my name is Brian and I am deeply offended.