Curtis 24" 1080p LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player

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Curtis 24" 1080p LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Brian you Jerkface.

Darn, the Curtis. I was hoping for the Jeffrey HDTV.

I’d ALWAYS said that Brian is a jerkface and now I have proof!

Another reminder, since the last few threads have sucked:

Dang, My husband and I really wanted something like this for the bedroom (built-in dvd and everything), but my allowance doesn’t cover this. It just covers a Ninja prep and maybe a shirt.

Brian stole my lunch one day. I hate that guy!

hey!!! Why am I a “jerkface”?

TT, let’s get these people fired up…otherwise, I’ve bought enough stuff and I’m pulling my bike out.

because it sez so.

If y’all don’t wake up, I’ll have to send in the kitteh alarm clock

Hmmmm, to buy it or hold out in hopes of a larger tv. Decisions, decisions.

Cruel and harsh punishment for all the Brians out there.

…but you are a jerkface, brian.

Because you aren’t buying 3.

In for one. Need it for a spare bedroom.

This TV is well loved at

Post it…and while you’re at it…mah bucket…

This TV has great reviews! five out of five stars!

Release the Kraken!