Curtis 32” LCD HDTV/DVD Combo

Got a random sack o shat today!!

Sheesh…nod off a bit and you actually miss something you want. That camera would have been perfect for the tech challanged hubby.

Agreed… but the picture of the box says it’s 4500:1. Hmmm… misleading info, Woot.

My great, great grandfather had one of these when he was a wee lad! He said it was a good value but he never knew what a “DVD” was.

There were only two cameras.

It will be perfect for my semi annual “House Bunny” marathon!

Sorry watched Woot too long eyes going, mind failing, need a Monkey!!

Goodbye cathode ray tube!

Oh yeah, ray tube, YEAH!

what do you guys think – 3 day woot off?

Look…I’m tired…ain’t gonna sing!

My brain formed an image of a lady made of Hefty Bags… Wow…need sleep.

As an electronics retailer I can assure you that looking at the contrast ratio is useless. As there is no standardization between companies.

Having sold the non-dvd version of this same TV. I can also assure you that the picture looks like crap.

My TV arrived a few days ago and I’m enjoying it! Of course, it’s a big improvement over the 20-something-inch huge 4:3 CRT dinosaur we were using before… now I need to buy myself an X-box to go with it…