Curtis 7” iPod Video Player

Can we just stick it with the other TVs that have popped tonight?

Wonders if this would work with an iPhone.

wow, it’s getting late. Think I missed some of the numbers. There is either about 250 of these, or over 500. This one might take a while.

I could never get mine to work with either the Nano or the Classic. Perhaps User error but I read the directions and the online forums for assistance and still couldn’t get the video to fire…just the audio.

Wonders if this will work with iPad

Dear Woot,

Some less than $5 crap is what I really want. I’m TRYING to fill up a box to give my lil bro a nice house warming gift… Winnie the Pooh toothbrush holder, Disney MP3 players, 6" camera tripod, etc… You know, the quality stuff.

Thanks in advance,

A happy customer

smerky, did you catch the numbers?

I think it’s closer to 200.

Is this compatible with iPhones?

Will this work with an Apple 60GB iPod 5th Gen?

Was your Nano a 2nd Gen.? From the description;

Compatible with:

* iPod Video 30GB
* iPod Nano 2nd 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
* iPod (with 30 pin dock connection)
* iPod Mini 4GB and 6GB

Amazon gives this 1 and a half stars.
5 people found this thing bad stuff

… Way to help move this one along. rolls eyes



Wooo woot off!

Also, since I was in bed and probably missed this I apologie, but is it just me or are sites like mywoot and not working?

bleh still about 150 left. Slow woot off night/morning is slow. :confused:

Naw I noticed that too.

And Florida joins the Woot-off in progress…

Also, will this work with my Mac?

I wonder if Woot caught on to our laziness =\