Cushe Footwear

Here is some additional info on Cusheand the product page and user reviews on the Slipper Moc

Here is a handy reference for EU to US shoe size conversion:

Anyone own a pair?

i typically buy sanuk shoes due to their comfort - looking to switch things up a bit. i wear a ~9-9.5 regular shoes, but a 10 in sanuks… not sure if it’s the same with this brand of shoe

I do and they run true to size. I just saw them on here and I’m so excited, my wife and I were actually talking about these last night. These things are super comfortable and don’t way anything. I’m getting at least one pair, maybe two :slight_smile:

I sound way too excited about these huh?

Adding to my last comment about true to size. My pair is size 11 US (44 Euro) which is what I typically wear in most other shoes. I don’t know why Woot doesn’t list the US sizes on here but the US sizes are shown in the shoes.

Good question. We’ll list what the manufacturer gives us. I know some sites have “translations” in the drop downs, but we think it’s best to list it the way the brands give it to us. And if they give us a chart, we’ll add it in the Specifications.

Zappos shoe conversion here.

bought a pair of the men’s slippers at nordstroms over the summer for a hawaii vacation for $35. they are not that comfortable for use on firm ground (pavement, trails, grass) and they are ok in the sand. they are very light, and pretty thin. the bottoms of the shoes makes it feel like you are standing on rolling pins. i would not buy these again.

Two important questions that will greatly affect if I buy a pair of these:

  1. How is woot’s return policy on these, assuming I screw up and order the wrong size?

  2. How resilient are these? I usually buy one pair of shoes and wear them every day until they die, which (with a little luck) takes about a year. Can I expect that kind of turnaround on these or should I temper my expectations?

I have heard a lot of stories on here about not being able to return shoes that are the wrong size, however I had no problem returning a pair I bought. I just e-mailed and was told to ship them back (yeah, you do have to pay shipping) and a few weeks later I had my refund. I find it helps if you ask nicely

my first comment!

they ‘re:vive’ style is cheaper by $5 at 6pm…but only applicable if your feet are 5-6 and prefer the black metallic…

[MOD EDIT: Please don’t change the MOD EDIT :). Price is only applicable to size 6 in Black Metallic with low stock count.]

Apparently these do not even come in my size :frowning:

39.99 for sandals! BUT THEY ARE MILITARY

Ugh I wanted to buy some of these! Of course they sell out of normal person shoe sizes.

Mine came in yesterday and they are indeed awesome. Totally worth it.

And yeah they are true to size. I wear anywhere from a 10.5 to 11.5 depending on brand… so I got an 11 (44) here and they’re perfect.

I ordered the Cushe Surf Slipper Drive Brown late last week. They came today and all I can say is they made a great first impression. I love the way they look and they are very comfortable! If you haven’t already I think you should pick up a pair. (Thanks again to for speedy order processing and delivery)