Cushe Men's Suede Slippers

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Cushe Men’s Suede Slippers
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jun 27 to Monday, Jun 30) + transit
Condition: New


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Sizes 40 to 46… My feet are only a size 13. :frowning:

They have a 13…it is listed as a 46…this this right??

As a professional chef who’s on his feet 12 plus hours a day I’ve tried many brands and types of shoes over the years and must say I have enjoyed using Cushe shoes the most. Once I tried them about 3 years ago I haven’t stopped using them. For the kitchen I like their surfer slippers (Leather) Their build quality is outstanding I get 12 to 24 months out of a pair of work shoes, which was typically only 6 to 12 months with most other brands that I tried at double the price.

Only recommendation would be if you’re using these for work, get a cheap pair of cushion inserts for them before you wear them (think oder eater knockoffs at local chain store for under $5)

Sounds like Cushe does not mean cushy.

Thanks that was a helpful review.

Older over-weight guy here and love my Cushe slippers. Have two pair that are canvas, have this dark gray one, and two others slip-ons from them too. Lots of feet aches and pains and these with and without added inserts have been great for my feet. These are my shoes of choice for everything that doesn’t need the style of a standard shoe(work). The minimalist design works great. I have priced these everywhere and they always are in the 45 to 60 buck range…this is a case where this Woot is like the good old days. I’m in!

Really be nice if the WIDTH was known or available in different widths for those of us with W-I-D-E feet!

[MOD: Unless otherwise stated, shoes we sell are the standard width.]

Can a moderator comment on the true to size of these shoes and if there are any reported issues? I usually wear a 9.5 which seems to not be considered by the size chart… with half sizes would I need to go up or down? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I’m just a user but opinionated, I would go up, I find mine 44’s to be the size of an American 10.5, I cannot wear the 43. But in the same vein all my Euro sized Keen and Ecco shoes are 44’s so maybe I’m really a 10.75 American. Just my experience.
The width is standard.

Edited for liability and not to get flamed

Thank you for taking the time to answer my quesiton… and I appreciate you are a user… gives real time feedback…

I would agree - especially since the difference between the “9” or “42” and the “10” or “43” is only 1cm. I’m typically a 9.5 as well and am going with the 43.

What I always do is look up a sizing chart for a shoe brand you know fits you well. Then compare the length listed for your shoe size and then match it up. For example I wear a 11.5 in mizuno. That matches up very closely with the size 13’s listed here.

Can these be machine washed ?

I wear 11.5 in Adidas and New Balance and that matches up to the size 13 listed here. Doesn’t seem right but I guess it is.

Not a good idea to try washing them cos i tried washing one i bought and i was sorry i did.

Seeing as they’re suede, I’d say NO.