Cushe Men's Surf Slippers

I am all over this deal!!! I got a pair of Cushe shoes a few months back over at sellout and although they are not the most attractive, they feel amazing.

Time to learn all about Cushe

Anyone have any thoughts on how Cushe fits? Larger or smaller than their size? I remember liking them when I tried them on, but I don’t remember the fit.

I wear a 40 Birkenstock & other Euro sized shoes. I also wear a men’s size 9 US. This size chart says I should order a 43 for a size 9.

Any guidance??

Purchased for my husband. He is a size 10 (43) and they fit perfectly. States that they are very comfortable and true to size.

I have a wide foot, how wide a foot do these fit comfortably?


Better to try stuff on for a good fit anyway, especially for my 10.5 stompers.

I typically wear US size 12 to 13 depending on the brand. These I get the equivalent to 13 and they fit great.

Best work shoes ever!

Cool looking shoe, but I’ve learned my lesson about trusting Woot about “true to size” statements.

Read the specs, these are for a normal width foot.

Boo to you, MichXelle.

As a person with wide feet like me will tell you (and I am telling you right now) asking others about how a brand’s normal width shoes fit them is a common thing to do.

So I heartily boo your post.

I’ve worn a pair of a different color since winter. I typically wear a size 12 shoe, but an 11/EU 44 personally fit me great.

Comfy, super-lightweight and fun to wear. Feels like there’s very little there at all.

If you wear them sans socks, your feet will stink yo!
The soles of mine haven’t lasted as long as I might have hoped.
Also, water of course goes right through the sides of them (if that wasn’t clear), and they’re fairly slow to dry compared to a sandal or some other mesh shoe thingamajigger.

I paid well over $60 for them brand new.

I normally wear 10.5 (3 or 4E) and the size eleven equivalent fit me just fine. Gonna get another pair for me and one for the wife if we can convert men to women sizes. I’m old and they remind me of the canvas sneakers that were a fad when I was young, only much nicer and more comfortable.

Tru Dat!

Paddlefoot and High Arches mean that a lot of pull on shoes just don’t work or fit. (sigh)

Cool looking casual shoe that would rival my flips for walk to get a Margarita and cheeseburger

Does anyone know if these would hold up on a canoe trip? They’re called surf shoes and mention grip “on the board” but I’m having trouble finding any info online if they would be a decent substitute for AquaSocks…halp?

Im looking for the same info and having difficulty finding it. Are these good for a water park or river with a rocky bottom?

Are these leather or only canvas and rubber?

i’m scared of these european sizes.

i wear a size 12, but even though it says that converts to 45 & that they are true to size, not sure i’m comfortable buying without knowing for sure.

Just canvas and rubber.