Cusinart DGB300 Grind and Brew Coffeemaker


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Mmmm…coffee. It’s always best if it’s ground right before it’s brewed. I already have a great burr grinder and a great coffee maker, but this is a good deal for those that don’t. Hell, a cheap blade grinder will cost you $10, so you can’t really go wrong here.


WOOT-DEPENDENCE DAY ™ - “Freedom from paying high prices!” :slight_smile: Seriously though, have a safe and healthy and happy 4th of July. And let’s again take the time to remember those who served, serve and who have died to give us the opportunity to be whatever we want to be.

Now, that being said… how about a killer 4th of July WOOT!!! Nothing says USA like clearing those bloodshot eyes with a ton of caffine-laced java!!

Great price for this set-up.

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Cusinart DGB300 Grind and Brew Coffeemaker
Glean caffeine from a wee keen bean
$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

We read this line in Cusinart’s promotional copy: “There is nothing more enjoyable than waking up to freshly brewed coffee.”

Talk about your seriously dismal outlooks! We’d always hoped we might end up in a meaningful relationship. Maybe we’d find fulfillment in our professional life. Maybe we’d come to a deeper understanding of the human condition through the study of arts and letters?

Cusinart says no; that way lies heartbreak and disappointment. Brace yourself for discouragement and defeat, they say. The world is a bleak and dismal morass of shattered dreams and failed aspirations. Take pleasure if you can in drinking hot water filtered through roasted beans—you are not fated for any greater satisfaction.

But hey, at least the Automatic Grind & Brew Coffeemaker can manage that for you. It grinds the beans. It brews fresh coffee with just enough water to extract all of the flavor and none of the bitterness. It shuts itself off automatically—it even cleans itself, which is probably more than you’ll be able to muster the will to do.

Face it; this meager gratification is the best you can hope for. Lay aside all fonder ambition and settle for a full-flavored mug of java, watered down with your own bitter tears.


Condition: Recertified by Cuisinart
Grinds whole coffee beans, then automatically brews for the freshest coffee
Coffee Bar Flavor System is similar to coffeemakers in your favorite coffee bar
Extra-large LCD programmable clock with temperature monitor
Adjustable auto shut-off
Adjustable temperature control with display for keeping the pot warm
Time-to-clean indicator counteracts your innate tendency to wallow in squalor and filth
Self-Clean function
Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup before brewing is finished
Taste Keeper lid minimizes oxygen flow into the carafe so coffee stays fresher longer
Measuring scoop included
1-4 Cups setting provides full flavor when brewing small batches of coffee
Each unit hand-picked by Juan Valdez’s new-economy analog


I’m going to the fridge now and drink myself back to sleep while listening to some Sirius music, and forget today happened. Night :oops:


I thought for sure it was tonight.


Geez crap, need coffee to stay up this late!!! Maybe I do need this!!!


Ugh, still counting. Item six, five to go…


NO BOC? =((( Enjoy your fourth everyone.


Friggin’ crap. I hate coffee. Better Woots please.


Yeah! First page biotches! Ya know why?!? ‘Cause I’m a PIMP! :twisted:




meh, it’s not a very good coffee maker







I bought this without the cups for 4 bucks.

Gnight all




oh man, not even a 4th of july woot-off? what is this!
i want to be on the whiners list. period.


Definately NOT for you. :shock:


So much for the 4th of July BOC I was hoping for. :frowning:

Be safe everyone.


first time w00ter!