Custom Garage Floors

The designer page is brilliant. (Although checkout does link to a previous sale)

After designing this, I’m tempted.

Can anybody compare these to, say, Grid-Loc tiles (Diamond Grid-Loc Tiles | Snap Together Garage Floor Tiles), $2.39 a square foot? Woot’s offering has seven clips per side compared to Grid-Loc’s four, and the patterns are different, so I get that they’re not exactly the same. But as far as longevity, does one brand last longer than the other? Is the material here any different/better? I’m trying to understand the difference in price.

Hi there-Meg from Proslat here. I am not intimate with that particular tile, but I did read that theirs are PPE, which is also the material ours are made of. Our colorants are rated 5 year Arizona outdoor rated on UV testing. In the past Woot has posted a video showing 360 view of the tile, which you can also watch here:

Happy to answer any other questions.

I wish they could make my cars stop leaking oil, then I would definitely buy them. If I install them now, it will just be more obvious how much oil I’m losing.

Whats the functional weight load on these?

Would they be able to support a scissor lift? (~4000lbs over 10 square inches)

Is there a special tile to place over the drain pipe?

Would these be suitable for a basement? Is there a toxic smell to them like a lot of vinyl plank floors for instance?

Why are these 50 cents more than the last time woot featured these?

It’s most likely that our cost went up on this chunk of inventory.

50cent less each? That’s huge. Did they sell out last time before the last date of sale? If so, you might have the answer. If they were the original price, we would be buying them for a 3 car garage. Artist in the family could make a cool design but we’ll be going with a stucco cement finish instead I believe at $80 a drum and easily applied by the company rebuilding our fireplace with gorgeous stacked stone and doing pavers on all walkways and around the entire pool. Oh well, maybe for the walk out basement workshop if the prices come down to the original ones next time.

Itza Me, Mario!