Customer Service is MIA [Resolved]

I have been contacting Woot Customer Service since 5/5/21 regarding a defective 2 month old Kindle (that has a 2 year warranty). They finally acknowledged my messages on 5/19 and responded that I would receive a follow-up within 1 business day. To date, I have only heard back from another rep that someone else was working on this and would respond. How difficult is it to figure out, since the Kindle is an Amazon product and Woot is their subsidiary? I realize that their Customer Service is probably in India and they’re ravaged by Covid, but why promise a response within 24 hours if you can’t meet that commitment? I’ve responded to the 5/19 message and sent messages through the website to no avail and have checked my junk folder. What other options are out there, since I’ve wasted a month on this already?

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Hi there. Checked in with CS. The first contact they found from this account was on 5/18. But it looks like we dropped the ball on this. Apologies.

They’re sending you information on how to get warranty service and info to return if you prefer that.

You should have an email shortly.