Customer Service Issue [RESOLVED]

Like the title says.

I asked to cancel the order for a phone but the support rep told me it was too late process a cancelation. Instead, they suggested I refuse delivery, which I did. I never received a refund.

The last email I received from support was them saying they wouldn’t be able to help me. After that, I’ve emailed support at least five more times and NO response.

This is honestly repulsive customer service. I don’t know what to do now since they won’t reply to me .

Have you checked your spam folders?

I have. Not a word from support after I received this. I replied to this a handful of times before I started submitting new support requests. Nothing at all in response to those either.

How recent was this? I’ve had this issue in the past with another company, and I think it’s pretty standard for them to wait until they receive the product back before issuing the refund. So if you just refused it a couple days ago they may not have it back yet (I only ask because I know there was an iPhone sale just this past week).

For what it’s worth, my experience with Woot support has consistently been positive. @ThunderThighs, maybe you can help him out?

It was late 2020. I’ve never had an issue with woot before so when they told me I’d get a refund for refusing the delivery, I took them at their word.
That was obviously my mistake.

I just happened to be reviewing my orders and noticed it never got marked as refunded the way other returns had. So I reached out to support to confirm. Then after they replied saying they weren’t going to help me, I reviewed my bank statements and as expected, no refund.

You are now just following up on a refund from two years ago? Color me impressed.

Honestly my guess is you’re out of luck. At this point (over a year later), the tracking info won’t be available online anymore, so there wouldn’t be a way to confirm anything. And frankly most companies won’t do refunds after such a long time, even if they were in error. This isn’t unique to Woot… there’s a ton of scammers out there and companies put limits on these things to protect themselves.

Woot should have responded better (both in their recent responses and initially), but I don’t fault them for not refunding so long after the purchase. Mistakes happen, and we have some level of responsibility for tracking these things on our end as well.

I obviously should have confirmed sooner. But like I said, I’ve never had an issue with woot. And at the time, I had other things going on so I let it get away from me.

I understand that. But it doesn’t change the fact that I have an email from support stating that I should refuse the package, and now this most recent one where they flat out cut me off.

If they tell me to refuse the package, the burden is on woot to make sure they get the item back. I have no way of making sure the carrier gets it back to them.

All I can suggest at this point is to wait for @ThunderThighs to get back to you later.

Oh, and sending in more emails just adds to the backlog which customer service has.

@ThunderThighs any help you can offer would be very much appreciated.

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Hi there. CS will reach out to you.

FYI: The reason they couldn’t help you is that the order is over a year old and the only contact they have from you is this month.

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That is understandable. I just think it could have been worded differently.

The way it comes across is dismissive.

Also, thank you for replying.

I just got off the phone with UPS, who confirmed that the item was successfully delivered back to woot.

All things considered, this should have been as easy as support looking into their system to see that I never received the refund, and then issuing it.

The amount of time that passed is irrelevant if they did, in fact, receive the item, and didn’t issue the refund as they should have.