Customer Service Issues

Is there a direct phone number that we can use to contact Woot regarding issues with an order? I’ve spent literally weeks trying to get concrete information about my refurbished laptop. I keep getting connected to a specific customer service rep who is very kind but is not giving me the necessary answers.

I was promised warranty with this laptop and the warranty transfer failed with the given information by the woot rep. Can someone please help me on what I can do to actually get some straightforward answers about this and get this order figured out?

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. Let me check in with CS.

Is it possible to explain to you further about this issue through a DM or something? The whole situation is a bit confusing - such as the fact that the laptop is not in my purchase history.

Yeah, I noticed that. I can read the CS contacts so I think it’s pretty clear. Sometimes the vendor needs to contact Dell to facilitate the ownership transfer.

So I should wait for a woot representative to contact me, saying that the ownership transfer worked or not? If it doesn’t work, what exactly are my options? I bought the laptop because of the 3 year warranty so it’s a big blow to later learn that it was not accurate.

I don’t have answers yet. And yes, CS will reach out to you. I appreciate your patience.

Thank you for your help! I received an email today from customer service but they didn’t mention about Woot contacting Dell to facilitate the ownership transfer. Is that still a viable option?

Let me check back with them. My usual CS contact is on vacation, I think.

Hope i dont need to drop account. But cs sucks give me your #

No contaxt. Ok reply to emaim 24 hrs. B. S.