Customer Service Problems [Resolved]

Hopefully, I can get some assistance since the Woot Customer Service Department appears to have stopped responding to my emails.

I ordered a keyboard/mouse combo on 28 June and was sent the wrong keyboard/mouse vice what I had ordered. I immediately contacted Woot to report this and agreed to let them see if a replacement was available from the Vendor on 06 July. I was told to allow a couple of business days for a reply. Since I hadn’t received any response from Woot Customer Service in 7 to 8 business days, I reached back out to them on 14 July and again on 15 July where I asked for a return shipping label and a full refund.

I did receive a quick note apologizing that the representative had not responded and that they would be in touch with me. Regretfully, that has never happened and now it’s 19 July.

To make matters worse, it’s extremely disappointing that the Woot phone system doesn’t work and we’re relegated to trying to deal with order problems strictly by email when seemingly no one will help correct the problem.

My question is a simple one, how can I finally put this matter to rest before my return period expires?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Hi there, the phone system is problematic. I’ll tag @ThunderThighs and hopefully she can see what’s going on for you. Speaking from personal experience the CS is usually much better.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)


@pepper114, thank you for your reply and especially for tagging @ThunderThighs for me. As you said, hopefully she can see what’s going on for me. :sunglasses:

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About 1/3 of the times I’ve reported a problem through the normal web channel, I’ve gotten no response at all, but a second attempt has worked (once took 3 tries)

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problems. We do have a couple new reps.

You should have an email from CS resolving the issue for you.


@ThunderThighs, thank you for stepping in on my behalf. CS did contact me this morning and everything is finally resolved. I sincerely appreciate your assistance. :+1: