Customer Service Shout Out!

Just a word of praise for Woot Customer Service.

I ordered a refurbished phone but got the wrong batter charging cord with the order.

Contacted CS…described the issue…received a very nice apology and got 3 options to choose from to "Make it Right. No questions, no hassles,…AWESOME!

I worked in Customer Service for many years. One thing I recognize is a quality experience in this area. The experience was fantastic…it was Woot-rific! If I wasn’t before, I’m “Woot Believer”!


Awwwwwwww, thank you! We think our CS team rocks too!

So, here’s a question about Customer Service and the St. Patty’s Day sweatshirt fiasco. Nah, it doesn’t qualify as a fiasco, it’s more like a mess up, I guess.

Anyway, I wrote to Customer Service when I was sent a pullover and not a zipper hoodie. They wrote back, apologized, and said that a zipper hoodie would be sent to me.

However, after reading the other thread about the cancellations of a number of orders, I’m beginning to think that I will not be sent a replacement hoodie.

Am I thinking right? Was Customer Service wrong when they said they would send me the correct one?

About how long should I wait to see if I get a replacement hoodie?

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I can see that a replacement order was put in the system on Friday. I guess give it a couple days? CS will have more info. I can view their magical tools but I don’t know how to use them.


OK, thanks for checking for me. You’re the bestest!

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I’m not getting a zipper hoodie.

(But I did get a refund so we’re cool, Woot. I love your CS people.)


I found this before you posted your last sentence. You deserve it anyway because you are too nice.
spilled lemon


This is funny cause I just got the exact opposite experience from customer service. Purchased a new item that came refurbished with a third party block and charger that won’t hold a charge, asked to just wait until a new one came up to replace it since I follow woot and know these are in inventory every so often or at least comparable and was offered $20 or to send it back free . Yay, i can drop extra money to buy a working charger with a scratched screen and not new as expected or I can spend an hour going round trip with three kids to UPS and back or waiting all day for UPS to maybe come and pick it up.

Was regurgitated the same email three times despite asking different things and I get that may be all they are willing to do but its the first time I ever felt the addage “i miss the old woot” where there was at least some personality and not cookie cutter quantity over quality responses that just want to move on to the next thing when each case is different. This happened after the sweater cancellation thing too where I asked if any of the other models were available and they copied and pasted the same we’re sorry there was less stock then we expected and never really answered the question so I just let it go.

Yes I get it happens, it’s just happening a lot more lately and I think woot knows how much time a lot of us wooters spend looking for these too good to be true deals that happen, so it’s not just a matter of aww shucks it didn’t work out this time to the ones that spend hours stalking the forums, twitches or pages for release drops as they come in trying to be the only one to catch an awesome deal and then when you do and it doesn’t work out it stinks and is frustrating. Our family has been using woot for 10 years and I literally dote on it like an extra child when handing it out as a recommendation and smile when people haven’t heard of it cause I get to share something awesome. I carry the bags to the grocery store and have had conversations with people there about the weird sometimes awkward slogans on them, I wouldn’t be surprised if our word of mouth brought thousands of eyes to woot over the years that may have never heard of it.

After writing it out it sounds pretty stupid to rant and feel that way over an item or a company, so at the end of the day it’s not that big of a deal but it’s just frustrating to turn into solely a consumer when we felt like a community member not so long ago.