Customer Service Stories

I don’t know why entirely, but watching the amazingly calm and patient mods here in the forums trying to help irate customers gave me an itch I’d like to scratch.

Anyone have any funny/scary/interesting stories to share about the trials and tribulations of working in customer service?

Here’s a quick one before I go.

While I was working at the pawn shop, I had a few women threaten to kill their S/Os when they found out their ring was gold plated or their diamond was just a CZ. The fun part was they never took it out on me. It was always on the poor unfortunate soul who bought it for them >.>

You mean, like the lady that goes to the department store, and says she only wears pearls and never take them of and now her are ruined but what you have is just cheap Stuff… (I work the custom jewelry, therefore not real), and after taking 45 mins of your time she just keeps blabbing about the cheap stuff when she can just walk across the hall and get to the fine jewelry department… But at the end I’m guessing she is the cheap one…

Oh lordy, we had a few versions of that. There were the couples that would go through the entire store saying in just a loud enough voice for people to hear that they could get this for cheaper new or that for cheaper new, as if we did zero reasearch on any of our merchandise. Most customers just looked at them like they were a batch of loons. Then there were the ones that would, like with you, waste so much of your time not purchasing a single thing while other customers are waiting to be helped. We got so sick of those that we had a special code to pry ourselves away. Pretty much as soon as they gave us the smallest opening, we would go to the manager or supervisor on the floor and tell them we need to fill out a TeeDub form. TeeDub, or TW, or TimeWaster. Most of them knew how best to get them to shiz or get off the pot.

Oh, and then you had the ones that would ask directly for 50% or 75% off. When you make a counter offer, or say that it has only been on the floor for a day, they immediately try to point out every single little cosmetic thing wrong with it. As if we wouldn’t take that into consideration when pricing x.x But what would really peeve me were the ones who would ask for a further discount when the item was already on sale. It was like, seriously dude? I know this is a pawn shop, but we’re still a business!