Customer Service

I’ve been having issues with customer service lately. When I receive a damaged, misprinted, or wrong shirt, cs has been telling me they can’t replace it because it’s no longer available. Then they give me a coupon for $5 so I can buy a new shirt or credit my account, which does nothing since I use an artist coupon. Is there anyone who can speak to cs and have them send replacements when this happens? I’ts frustrating looking forward to receiving your design and not getting it. :frowning:

I’m really sorry about all the trouble. I will reach out to CS to see what we can do to make this right.

I wonder if they could dedicate a CS member to shirt related issues like how it was in the past. The canned responses don’t always apply when items are produced, not procured.

Thank you! I wrote them back and someone else helped me. I think it’s the canned responses, like narfcake said, that don’t make sense. It does get frustrating trying to get hold of someone who understands shirts.

We’ve also had a lot of issues with the inventory, and that’s made shirt replacements exponentially harder to wrangle. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Inventory shortage has been tough. I wonder if there is a way to offer a replacement coupon to artists when there is a mistake with our orders?

I have had similar experiences fishbiscuit, and I have had some success explaining to CS that a $5 coupon and money back isn’t going to get the artists one of their shirts. Particularly for me with international shipping in the mix. Being persistent with that and asking for an identical replacement order whenever it can be made has mad some success.

I have had issues with the print washing off the shirt upon first wash and upon receiving replacements there are no issues with them. I hope CS is informing those involved in the print process so that those issues of easily washed off printing can be fixed.

Similar experience here. Usually the second response (and indicating the artist coupon) gets it reinstated and then I just place the order again.