Customer Service

How do you get in touch with a real person for customer service? If I try to send a message about a certain product I bought, it records my old e-mail address for a response. I can’t change my old e-mail address because apparently I need to know my old woot password instead of logging in thru Amazon (which I have done for some time) in order to change it. If I try to send them a general message it let’s me put in what e-mail address I would like them to respond to, but the ReCaptcha verification at the bottom is broke so it won’t send that either. I need some help from someone.

I use Amazon log-in seamlessly with my “old” Woot account. On your orders page, if it’s during the day, there’ll be a link to call or to have them call you (I can’t remember which)

If you just can’t get to your account, send an email, but quit being a robot and solve the capcha.


Oh boy. I’m in trouble now, only a robot could…hey! Wait just a darn minute!


Forget that, try doing this one:

8 / 2(2+2) = ?

It apparently has two answers, depending on how you learned math.


Yeah I get 1, but if I wanted to know what 8÷8 is, I’d write it like that.

The other one is eleventy-seven.


Eleventy-seven is my favorite number.


Literally just had a conversation on twitter about this 2 days ago.

It’s purposefully ambiguous to confuse people and it makes me angry.

The answer is 16, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there. Just saw this due to vacation and stuff.


Give them your old email address and tell them you need help changing it because you’ve forgotten your password.

Then give them the order number and what the issue is.

They can help you out.