Cut and Sewn Reusable Fabric Masks


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Just received mine. 1 black 1 white. Good fit. Soft cotton. Nice construction.


It took almost 2 weeks to arrive, but they are great! I ordered 10 black and all came. They are well made, all the exact same size and comfortable!! Great quality control!. A good deal for $2 each!!


Just got these too. They are nice, but based on the images, they hook onto your ears. But that’s not what I received. The two straps both go around your entire head from left to right (one on top, one on bottom). I was expecting one strap per ear (L/R)… So be aware they won’t hook onto your ears .

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Sorry about that. They should have been as shown. Maybe the vendor pulled from the wrong stack?

Either way, please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Same thing here. They arrived today and all 20 are around the head vs ear loops. I already sent an email but man… I really hope they are able to resolve. They took FOREVER to arrive.

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Why is Woot charging me $6 for shipping when it says shipping is free for Prime members?

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FYI: Ordered the cut n sewn masks, they are not what is in the photo. The two straps are sewn to go around your neck and head instead of ears. Perhaps just a batch that was made wrong. They will still do the job.

Hello, sorry about that , you might’ve received some of our newer prototypes inadvertently which are designed to hang around the neck when not in use instead of pulling them off. Those are currently in production but maybe a few of them ended up being shipped, sorry about that , please let us know if you have any issues. The ones in the inage are the ones that are currently being shipped out.

They are manufactured in China under strict quality control and regulations with soft durable cotton 2 ply fabric.

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Never mind, the description says to hand wash.

For what it’s worth, I have similar ones and I put them in my wife’s bra clamshells (or whatever those zipper things are called to wash delicates) to machine wash haha

In for 16, I’ll try a couple in the clam to make sure they’re good in the washer before doing them all… but this seems like a good deal to stock up on at least backups for when the good ones are in the wash

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I just received mine. They are not the items that are shown. They loop around your head instead of around the ear. Very thin cotton.

Hi there the vendor popped in a couple posts above to explain the error in shipping. Reach out to Woot customer service and they’ll help you out.


Word to the wise… don’t bother with these unless you are absolutely desperate. Made really cheaply and super thin (think stretched felt). Absolutely a disposable item after a few uses.

Hello , we are sorry you are not satisfied but I think you have mistaken a different mask for these 2 ply cut and sew , these are definitely not cheaply made, they are PREMIUM COTTON with a 2 ply layer knit and elastic loop for the ears. We have ensured that they are made with strict quality control and regulations.

If it helps, I bought a four-pack and just received them today. They honestly seem fine to me. I’m going to have to adjust the elastic somehow to make the loops shorter but other than that, they seem pretty decent.

When did you order yours? It seems to be stuck on preparing to ship.

I ordered mine on June 18th. They didn’t actually ship out until June 23rd.

I ordered mine 0n 06/13 and still have not received them.